East Village

The East Village has changed.  This area has become a more attractive residential area for New York City Condos, where once there where old music clubs there are now  expensive fashion boutiques and sophisticated nightclubs.  It certainly remains a lively place to have a great night out. 

The East Village has matured into a neighborhood that is more suitable for  families with kids with some well-maintained local parks, great restaurants and for a night out with out kids sophisticated cocktail bars


Harlem is also beginning to blossom into a desirable residential area for New York City condos,  owing to the increase in individually owned boutiques, street markets, new restaurants and nightclubs.  These  pre-war brownstones are being carefully renovated and many new condominiums are being built.

Tree-lined streets

The average New York City Condos resident  has changed due to the real estate boom during the 1990’s when property values rocketed.  But, Harlem and East Harlem have managed to hang on to their distinctive character and cultural landmarks and the tree-lined streets are still as beautiful as ever.

Green spaces

New York is now starting to incorporate Green Spaces for those who are looking to live in a greener environment. You have greater access to public transportation to escape traffic jams and fumes which will help to reduce the heavy air pollution.  Harlem is a neighborhood which will continue to rebuild and refresh itself without losing sight of its core personality.


NoHo still sticks s out as one of the loveliest small neighborhoods in lower Manhattan.  This tiny neighborhood contains condos  with the most striking and best-preserved 19th-century architecture in New York City.  They display New York’s great architectural history, with marble, brick and terracotta facades complementing the cast-iron buildings that are NoHo’s trademark.

Loft conversion

If you are looking for a loft, the warehouses, factories and office buildings are now NoHo’s Historic District, with excellent loft conversions and luxurious New York City condominiums.  These homes are commanding the same prices as some of the lovely New Jersey residences across the bay. 

This neighborhood  is a sedate bohemian community and far less commercial than SoHo.  With its distinctive, newly renovated pre-war condominiums NoHo’s individuality ensures it will have a lasting place among the most desirable residential neighborhoods in New York.



If you are going to be in New York for a Trade Show, vacation or for a short term project, Queens Condos can provide you with an excellent home away from home feel. If you are going to be sending employees to NY for a temporary project, than providing them with a furnished condo will make it more enticing for them to accept the short-term relocation. If you have to stay in a hotel, you can feel very isolated but a condo you will like being home, and it is cheaper for the company in the long run.


These Queens Condos are clean and comfortable. They are all located close to public transportation, so getting into the city is a snap. If you are being asked to organize an exhibition at one of the Trade Shows and you need to get a motivational speaker, by offering a condo to the speaker, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the one that you want.

Clean and Modern

If you stay in one of the Queens Condos you will be very pleased. My husband had to relocate to the city for 3 months on a short-term project, the condo was clean, modern and very comfortable. It was great for all of us.

Central Park

I would take the kids once a month to stay a few days in the condo, and we would explore NYC. Public transportation was right near the condo, we just had to jump on the train or the bus and we were in NYC. The kids loved it. We celebrated my daughters birthday with a trip to Central Park Zoo and Broadway for a show.


My husband will be attending another candy machine exhibition in the fall, so we are going to rent another condo and make it a combined vacation. The professional motivational speaker this year is a woman who made her fortune as an internet entrepreneur. I think I would like the kids to hear what she has to say. Who knows maybe one of them will also become an internet millionaire. 


They say that nothing succeeds likes success! You don’t have to stay in a fancy condo for luxury, these condos come with anything you might want and need. So check out the brochures and pick one that appeals to you and you won’t be sorry.

So, just in case the kids don’t become internet billionaires, perhaps we’ll save up and have a family vacation in one of these condos, and enjoy all that New York has to offer.



The newly built condos for sale in NYC are some of the best in the country and only rivaled by the luxury Condos in Atlanta, Georgia I inspected on behalf of a friend last month.  With the emphasis on eco-friendly, sustainable building materials they are giving buyers a great opportunity to invest in the future of the planet, as well as their own future!

Solar panels

This will, of course, encourage developers to focus on sustainability in other new constructions and major refurbishment projects.  I am especially pleased to note that a way has been found, at last, to install affordable U V light collection roof panels.  These solar panels store sunlight and convert it into a cheap energy source within the home.

There are many types of condos for sale in NYC and unfortunately, they cannot all be of the same ultra-modern, luxury quality as the buildings in areas such as Battery Park, Manhattan and the luxury apartments in Jersey City.

Lower price range

Everyone would love to have the panoramic views you get from the floor to ceiling windows of a New Jersey apartment overlooking the river or a splendid view over rolling green parkland beside a luxury apartment in Jersey City. 

However, even without lovely views of Nature, the condos for sale in NYC in the medium to low price ranges still have many advantages to offer.

Useful services

For example, there are usually a host of useful services included in your monthly maintenance charges such as a handy gym that means you can go for a workout without having to spend time dealing with the busy traffic. 

This probably halves the time you need to spend away from your home and that can you save a lot of money on paying a baby-sitter.  It also gives you more free time to spend with your family and cuts out a lot of stress that can build up as you try to balance your home-work commitments.  


Social life


Another advantage I believe is very important is the social life that many condo residents enjoy.  If you choose the right condo, (Apex condominiums are always a safe choice for a well-managed building), you do not have to feel like a lost soul when you move to a new city – like I did when I moved to the city from one of the condos in Atlanta Georgia!


Most Apex condominiums and a lot of the other condos for sale in NYC, organize regular social activities for the enjoyment of the residents.  This can be a real blessing to older residents who are not able to get out and about as much as they would like. 


It brings people together and allows them to meet new neighbors and make friendships - without ever needing to set foot on the streets outside.  So when you buy one of the condos for sale in NYC, it could be more than a home – you may find your stress levels have gone down and your social activities have gone up!


An exciting new type of apartment is leading the way forward into 21st century eco-friendly living.  Long Island City Apartments are now achieving what may seem like a contradiction –  luxury combined with the ultimate in energy efficiency!

Environmentally responsible

Because of recent developments in environmentally responsible building, the cost for green construction has now become virtually the same as traditional methods.  So the number of Long Island City Apartments that are officially certified by Energy Star and LEED is on the rise. 

The Energy Star system if run by The U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Green Buildings Council runs the LEED system. Apartments are graded by their energy-saving capacity and if the specifications are met they receive the coveted Green Certificate.

Market leaders

Long Island City Apartments are currently leading the market for green in NYC.  Apartments  that combine low utility bills with the best amenities available in the range of green apartments, are emerging as the market favorite.

You will be able to distinguish the new generation of apartments from the regular apartments because of the Green Certificate. So by going Green, what exactly do you get.

Indoor daylight

Green apartment  buildings have more daylight and excellent ventilation, with special air quality monitoring systems and energy-efficient heating.  A green apartment earns high marks from LEED by optimizing energy use by a minimum of 14% above the average.  But the Energy Star certificate is only awarded to apartment buildings that improve this by 15%.

Green power

In order to get this award some apartment buildings actually generate their own electricity, while others buy green power.  So this means Long Island City Apartment residents pay much lower utility bills than those in traditional apartments.


Also, green apartment  residents will benefit society by using the convenient re-cycling facilities available to them locally.  These facilities feature Energy Star approved appliances.  Also, the proximity of a park offering residents a green outdoor space will also earn this type building more LEED points


Sustainability means that efficiency doesn’t only apply to the initial design and building materials.  In order to sustain the eco-friendly nature of these buildings, residents use bicycles or public transportation with great ease.  Usually a green apartment building will be just a few steps away from the subway.

Save money

So if you are looking to save money, yet at the same time have a great apartment than look into the Green Buildings that are around. You could save thousands of dollars on utility bills, and who wouldn’t want to do that. So going green is no only 21st Century living, but also economical.


The weekend forecast calls for Saturday sun and Sunday showers, so whether you plan to enjoy the heat or stay indoors, here are a few ideas for how to spend the next couple days in Long Island City.
All of August: Kids Bowl for Free @ Astoria Bowl

Fill out your information, receive the email coupon, and head to the lanes: 
https://www.kidsbowlfree.com/center.php?alley_id=5910.  There’s also a sports lounge and casual dining for the adults.  Join a bowling league, throw a birthday party, or just play a friendly game with the kids – Astoria Bowl is a great place to escape the summer heat.
19-45 49th St  .  718-274-0910

Friday Irish Movie Night @ New York Irish Center, 8PM (doors open at 7:30)
Feature film: My Left Foot
Short Film: Pentecost

SaturdayGantry Park Gardening
Come join in with other community members as we beautify the park – pruning, weeding, and refreshing the soil.  All tools will be provided.  Gantry Plaza State Park, 10Am
Waterfront Walking Tour - Greater Astoria Historical Society and Forgotten New York @10:30AM

From LIC Partnership:  ”The three hour, 2 mile walk will include former taverns, churches and the Pennsylvania RR Powerhouse; the beautiful new Gantry State Park and the classic Pepsi Cola neon billboard; classic police precinct buildings and firehouses; the soon to be rehabilitated 1890s Terra Cotta Works office in the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge; and Queens’ one and only landmarked brownstone block.
Participants will meet at Pedestrian Plaza, center of Vernon Boulevard between 50-51st Avenues.”
RSVP: astorialic@gmail.com / 718-278-0700

MOMA PS1 Warm Up Series
Every summer Saturday through Sept 3rd, PS1 hosts their highly  anticipated and popular Warm Up series, featuring music from both local  and traveling bands and DJs. Come for a unique music experience, to  socialize with the vibrant crowd, to dance, drink and be merry.
This Saturday’s Acts:

Black Dice / Paw Tracks / New York, NY
His Name is Alive (DJ set) / Midnight Cowboy / Detroit, MI
oOoOO / Tri Angle Records / San Francisco, CA
Clams Casino / Tri Angle Records / Nutley, NJ
Ayshay (DJ set) / Tri Angle Records / Brooklyn, NY
Water Borders / Tri Angle Records / San Francisco, CA
MOMA PS1  .  $15/Free for LIC residents & MOMA members  .  22-25 Jackson Av


Don’t forget about Saturday’s farmers market!
Sunday - Second Sundays @ The Noguchi Museum, 3PM
From LIC Partnership: “Every second Sunday of the month, the Noguchi Museum assembles renowned experts in various fields of the arts, architecture and design to engage in dialogues that complement the Museum’s mission and exhibitions.  Events, varying from panel discussions to musical performances and poetry readings…”

Hope you can stop by one of the many events happening in Long Island City this weekend!  And between the market and concert, walking tour and museum, make sure to come to the OPEN HOUSE at The Industry, every Saturday & Sunday 12-3PM!


Planning on visiting NYC ? Looking into booking individual hotel rooms for you and your family or a group of friends you will see that this can be very costly. How about an alternative of renting NYC Condos for you and your family or friends.


By renting a condo it works out to be cheaper and you get more space for your money. This way the whole family can stay in one condo instead of separate hotel rooms. This way you get more space and comfort for your money.

The variety of NYC Condos that are available to rent ranges from modest one bedroom/studio apartments to some of the best luxury condos New York can offer.  And you can decide if you want a short term rental or a long term stay -  the choice is yours.


Many corporations find that having prospective clients to stay in a rented NYC Condo for a few days helps to put the client in the best frame of mind for finalizing negotiations and signing the contract.  

And what better way to celebrate a successful business deal, than to enjoy dinner and show in New York, your clients will love it!

House hunting

Here is another great  reason for renting NYC Condos is because they provide an excellent base for people looking at NY, New Jersey and Manhattan condos that are for sale.  Checking out the full range of condos is not an easy feat, it can take quite a few days and can be very tiring.

So, finding  a short or medium term rental can be the best solution.  This way you get rest and relax in comfort while you are looking for the perfect place for you and your family. There are so many neighborhoods to look at, you need time to find the right one for you.


Now if you are thinking of  experiencing  the real atmosphere of the city, a holiday spent in one of the NYC Condos can be the perfect treat for your family. You will get to see how the neighborhood people and local shops celebrate the holiday.  A self-catering holiday is much cheaper than an anonymous and expensive hotel stay.  

You can make all your holiday plans and find a condo rental over the internet with the help of friendly staff and photos plan your own holiday and arrange a NYC condo rental easily over the internet and choose with the help of friendly staff and actual photos of the condos that are available. You may not have thought about temporary rentals of condos before, but I hope you’ll now agree with me that it’s a great option for comfort and convenience!



If you have to travel to New York City for medical treatment for yourself or a family member, you need to ensure that you have a comfortable home base.  The anxiety and concern that you feel can be very tiring and a stay in one of the temporary rental NYC condos may be the comforting ‘home from home’ that you need.

Condo services

Depending on your budget, you can choose a compact studio apartment with one bedroom, a medium-sized Manhattan condo or one of the best New York luxury condominiums.  You will find that the luxury condos New York has for sale or rental offer many excellent facilities for residents. For instance, beauty spas, laundry service, in-house restaurants that deliver meals to your condo or a swimming pool overlooking the Hudson River - to name but a few.

Waterfront condo 

The New Jersey Bay area has recently been re-developed and where there used to be a vast storage facility for pharmaceutical processing machinery, there are now some of finest New York luxury condominiums.  A waterfront condo will give you a view of the Hudson, the Statue of Liberty and the famous skyline of the Manhattan condo skyscrapers.

Walking distance

When you contact a reputable online agency you only need to explain to them which hospital or medical centre you’ll be attending and they will be able to offer you a selection of New York City apartments very close by. 

You can often be located within easy walking distance of the hospital or treatment facility.  If this is not possible, you’ll be placed near to the city’s comfortable bus service for a short ride into the hospital grounds or within a short taxi ride.

Local services

Equally important, the agency will be able to inform you of all the available local services and amenities in the vicinity of the NYC condos they have for rent.  This can be very useful to help ease the stay for the patient and family members.

Helpful advice 

A reputable agency with plenty of experience in selling and renting New York City apartments for medical visits will have an expert staff.  You can rely on them to offer concerned and helpful advice whether you only need a small place to stay for a few days or are planning to buy one of the Manhattan condos for sale in close proximity to a medical facility.

Save money

When you compare the high cost of a hotel stay with the economy of renting an apartment, you’ll see that it makes a lot of financial sense to rent and save your money for more important purchases.


So whether you’re in New York for a surgical procedure, some discreet re-alignment of your nasal tube, fillers to rejuvenate your face or a long term therapy - renting one of the fine NYC condos currently available will provide you with all the comfort and privacy you need!


Condominiums are very popular right now, and is a great alternative to very expensive town-houses. So if city living is for you, this is the market to look at.

Urban sophistication 

NYC Condos have become the ultra-cool symbol of urban sophistication. But for the huge urban workforce, there is the New Jersey and Jersey City condos which are family-friendly and give them easy access to Long Island beaches.

Town-house prices up 

In any of the 3 districts a town-house still can start at $5 million, and with the dwindling market the house prices will stay high, compared to the value of a condo.

Condo prices down

Right now the NYC Condos market has come down in price. Many construction corporations have been forced to take large cuts in their profits due to the market at this time. And this true all over the country.


Due to the strict controlled bank lending policies, any new condos for sale on the current market began construction during the real estate peak and are now just completing, are selling at huge discounts. So there are a lot of pre-construction buyers who are now not able to afford a condo in Manhattan and are trying to make deals so they can get out of the contracts that they have.

Good deals

The NYC Condos market has some great deals right now, and if you are looking to make a sound investment now is time.

Key factor

So now that you are starting your search for the perfect condo, you need to decide what your key factors are going to be. Most people want to be near public transportation. Maybe that is not that important to you, maybe you want to be near the theater or great restaurants. It could be that you want a in house gym-swimming pool access-child care facilities. But no matter where you pick in NY you will always be near some sort of public transportation.

Housing Association Funds

You will also need to check for any hidden costs that can be associated with owing certain condos. Some of them require the owners to pay into a Housing Association Fund. This fund is intended to take care of the general operating costs of the building, and several other types of contingencies.

A sound investment

Owning a condo in New York/Manhattan is a sound investment, this market has weathered some big financial crises before, and will continue to do so.



No matter where you are looking for your luxury apartment you need to remember that there will running costs to consider before you purchase.


Mandatory fees


New York Luxury Apartments where ever they are, have on thing in common. There will be mandatory fees to the Homeowner’s Association.  These are required to maintain the building and provide a contingency fund to cover unexpected community expenses.


So before you let all the fancy features suck you in - check out how much you’ll be expected to pay to the Homeowners’ Association each month.


Another thing to investigate is whether all of the homeowners in the building are up-to-date with their maintenance fees.  If they are not you will find that important repairs cannot be done, because some owners haven’t been paying their dues and the repair fund is insufficient.

In order to arrange finance for New York Luxury Apartments, the Homeowners’ Association fund need to be very healthy this is a total necessity.

Public transport

Now if you need to rely on public transportation to commute to work you need to be sure that the apartment is close to public transportation.  If you don’t need to commute everyday, than this will not be a problem for you.

Positive aspects

So now you have located in the New York Luxury Apartments market just where you want to live, you do not have to worry about any maintenance to the exterior of the building, or common areas. You can sit back and enjoy your apartment.

Less expensive

If New York Luxury Apartments are too expensive for you and alternative could be New Jersey. you can find a great attractive village lifestyle for many people who work in New York City, because commuting is easy. 


Also, Jersey City apartments, like most luxury apartments for sale in the current market are less expensive than single-family homes.  This means you get far more value for your money when you choose a luxury apartment over a town-house.


Better neighborhood 

You will be able to find a great apartment in a neighborhood with great schools and amenities, and not have to pay a hefty price for a “cheap” New York town-house, which will be located in a bad neighborhood.

If waterfront property is what you are looking for New Jersey has them as well as New York.

Start packing

So start looking for your packing supplies and your moving company and get ready to enjoy an exciting new lifestyle whether in New Jersey or in New York.



If you are looking for a luxury condo, than you need to search in the new york condominiums market. Some of the great luxury condos in the New York market are on 5th ave,Park Ave, Beekman Place, and of course Sutton Place.

The new york condominiums market that is for Manhattan is just amazing. This market has some of the most tranquil and elegant condos around.

Hundreds of people are looking at the new york condominiums market everyday. You will find some exquiste condos, but keep in mind that these will be very expensive, but if money is no object than this is the market to be looking at. You will be very impressed with what you find, and extremely happy with your choice. So go ahead get started and have fun.